What does it feel like to be a young believer in Israel?

What does it feel like to be a young believer in Israel?

Imagine you were the only believer in your school? Or having to face the difficulties of military service while being the only believer in your entire base?

Could we ever fathom the challenges that teenage believers face in Israel when choosing to follow Yeshua?
The loneliness, the social pressure, the identity crisis many go through when trying to define their true path and choosing between what they know is right and what the world is convincing them is right?

We often think about the difficult path people go through until they encounter God. But the Lord never promised us smooth sail once we decide to follow Him and give our lives to him. Now imagine we’re talking about a believer as young as 13 years old, who happens to be the only believer in Yeshua in her school. How about Gabriel, a 19-year old  soldier who is servicing in special combat units, and is daily faced with life or death situations and decisions… how hard must it be to face all that while being the only believer in your base?

How can we expect our young people in Israel to overcome the tremendous obstacles that are in their path as they are trying to follow Yeshua, unless we come together, as healthy churches and congregations, and purposefully invest in creating a supportive and nurturing environment for these kids, who get to face the real world sooner than we realize. How can we expect them to deal with what the world throws at them without equipping them and cultivating a strong support network around them?

Seeing the daily struggles of specifically Israeli young believers, we built a strong solid youth ministry at Beit Hallel years ago, knowing the responsibility of investing and raising up the future generation of leaders; people that not only know the path, but walk the path.

Summers are always more challenging for our teenagers and youth. They get two months off school and try to occupy themselves somehow. Many come from low-income families that don’t have the luxury to take long family vacations during this time, or pay for pricy summer camps.

We see this as an opportunity to take responsibility for our young people and use summer months off school to invest in their lives and in their walk with God as never before.

Launching our Discipleship Summer Program, which will include 2 months of daily activities, ministry, fellowship,  service and dynamic projects that will enable our young people to:

  • be used for humanitarian and social projects
  • be equipped through powerful interactive messages and teachings
  • be nurtured through engaging activities, worship and fellowship
  • be challenged through our desert retreat
  • be edified through powerful teachings, daily worship and workshops held by our Youth Leadership Team.
  • be prepared to serve others by rebuilding our community, helping the elderly, painting Holocaust Survivors apartments, cleaning our city, assembling food packages, etc.

There is so much the young people can and want to do, but unless we give them the opportunity to come together and actively mobilize them, they will not know the value of true service.

Our vision and goal for this project is to plant a seed in the lives of these precious kids, equip them for the world that is pressing them on every side. They need to know that whatever they might face, God has provided them with the tools to overcome anything. We just need to build that support system for them through our Youth Ministry and more specially through our Discipleship Summer Program.

The idea is for this program to provide all those things on daily basis for two month: supplying meals, activities, space, transportation, as well as special outings and outreaches, such as a desert retreat.

We have 30 teenagers at Beit Hallel, ages 13-18 that will be so blessed by this summer program.
The cost would be $600 in total per term for two whole months of daily summer program.
Would you consider investing in the life of one (or more) of these precious young ones?