The desert’s silence serves a purpose — God’s voice is heard the loudest there

The desert’s silence serves a purpose — God’s voice is heard the loudest there

Recently my team and I went down to Eilat, which is in the very southern part of Israel. In order to get there, we had to drive through the entire Negev Desert.

Israeli deserts, especially the Negev, hold a special place in my heart, it’s a quiet oasis that holds so much power in its dry and seemingly empty landscape. In its silence is where I always hear God’s voice the loudest.

Interestingly enough, the word desert in Hebrew is Midbar. It comes from the word “medaber” which means: to speak. It has a powerful connection that makes you wonder what is it about the desert specifically that makes God speak to us so much in that place?

While standing in that ancient oasis that makes you feel like time stood still and you could easily imagine yourself in the middle in biblical times, I paid close attention to the lifelessness that is perceived at first glance in the desert.

There are no sounds of birds, no trees, nothing but the sound of desert wind.

The prophets, as well as Yeshua, always spent time in the desert. That was the one place men of God would always go to for answers. Not to the mountains, or the beach… but the desert. The place where nothing else seems to exist – God is most present.

My prayer is that God will speak to you, whether you live in the desert and have the luxury of taking time to go out there and just listen to God’s voice in the midst of that ancient silence, or if you live in a busy city and you only have your four walls where you can sit and just be with the Lord.

The desert doesn’t have to be a physical or geographical location, it can be a season in your life where you feel nothing grows, everything seems lifeless and silent. Just know that God can speak (medaber) the loudest when we’re surrounded by desert (midbar) in our lives.