Praise Report: Galilee Discipleship Weekend

Last week we shared about a special discipleship and leadership training we had up in the Galilee, in Capernaum. It is a place that Yeshua loved and taught so much there, that going back there, even two thousand years later, feels like such a special, unique and enriching experience.

We spent two wonderful days together as a group, and it was a truly blessed time to enjoy fellowship, worship together, and enjoy bible study as part of training and discipling.

God never fails to touch people in a deep way while we’re there, which is why we are thankful He has given us this opportunity to go somewhere and do what is so needed right now, and is denied to so many of us around the world: simply enjoying church and spending time together in the Word of God.

I feel it is something very much worth investing in! Especially now when the tensions and pressure is so high, believers need that atmosphere where they can pray together, experience the Lord’s presence as we worship together.

That is what our Galilee discipleship is about. Additionally, being able to combine it with visits to biblical places, to sit at Yeshua’s feet in the very places where He stood and taught, is absolutely priceless.

Please pray and consider continuously supporting discipleship and leadership training in Israel.