Miriam’s testimony

Our follow-up team went to visit Miriam, an 80 year old woman who made Aliyah from the Ukraine. She was very open and received us into her home.

The first thing she said when we sat down was that God had brought her here to Israel, and with that our long conversation began. She told us about how she got out through the blockade, about how she grew up without her mother for 10 years when her mother was in prison during the Stalin persecutions.

We also heard about how she had been an athlete and how she miraculously survived a serious accident that fractured her skull.

She showed us pictures of her two beautiful daughters who also immigrated to Israel. She had always dreamed of coming to her ancient homeland of Israel.

When we shared the Gospel with her, we spoke about how important it is to know the truth, to pray to God from the heart and to read the Bible. She agreed with us and seeing she was eager to know more we offered her a Bible which she gladly received.

During a prayer for her and her loved ones she just burst into tears, pressed the Bible to her heart and expressed her desire to walk with Yeshua and that she would love to have us visit regularly to pray together and learn more about Jesus and what it means to be a disciple of Him.

Praise God!