“Spread Over Us Your Tabernacle of Peace…”

with Pastor Israel

Spread over us Your tabernacle of peace…
Traditional Jewish Prayer

In the Jewish tradition, there is a certain prayer used in “Ma’ariv” (evening worship), called “Hashkiveinu” (lie us down in peace). It is a petitionary prayer to be able to lie down in pace at night and return to life the following day. It is a prayer used daily, but an interesting portion of it speaks of God’s tabernacle of peace as shelter against enemies, plagues, swords, famines and troubles.

Hashkiveinu is a prayer that seems to fill our hearts more than ever these days, while we are facing unprecedented challenges that threaten to take away our peace. The Feast of Tabernacles that Israel is celebrating this week comes as a perfect reminder that God alone can be our shelter, in His “tabernacle of peace” can we find protection and comfort from the troubles that surround us.

Click on the videos to watch Pastor Israel’s encouraging 3-part teaching on the true meaning of Feast of Tabernacles – a timely message for these times.

Part 1

Part 2

Part 3