Acts of Mercy

Reaching people in Unreachable Times

In the past week we have received an overwhelming amount of requests for help from people and families that have found themselves in a near impossible situation due to the current national lockdown here in Israel.

Despite the restrictions and challenges, our team has been working around the clock to try and reach each person that contacted us asking for help. Beit Hallel’s team and volunteers have been hard at work; getting in touch with each family, putting together food and care packages, delivering them to their doorsteps, and even taking a moment to encourage people and pray for them right by their doors. Government imposed restrictions do not limit God, nor His reach when it comes to touching those in need.

Family of 5

People’s response and gratitude for the help we are able to provide them has been overwhelming. Such is the case for a young family of 5 that only in August moved to Israel from Moscow, leaving everything behind, and now they are struggling with no work, no school, no income, needing to learn the language, all while under lockdown, flooded with doubt and uncertainty. God’s hand is never too short to reach people in their moments of despair. They were so thankful for the food package we brought them, and also appreciated this contact we have with them, that they can ask questions, receive some guidance and advice during this difficult time, but also genuinely appreciative of the fact they aren’t forgotten and are cared about. God is all about people, and one of our main goals is to make sure people know that He hasn’t forgotten about them, that thought the love and generosity of believers like you, Yeshua is reaching them with His love and provision in times of need. That encourages people more than anything!


Another wonderful example of how valuable our COVID Relief Fund’s work has been through its humanitarian efforts is Clara, who is retired and is fighting a grim diagnosis. She is completely alone, and when someone on Clara’s behalf contacted us, asking if we could help, we knew we had to do something to help her.

When our team came to bring her a food package, she was so touched and surprised that someone had actually cared enough about her to do that! It was the perfect opportunity to tell her that God always cares and He will never forsake her, that she can always turn to Him and open her heart. She felt uplifted and grateful that she is now able to be in contact with our Beit Hallel family, that we will do our best to help her, and mainly that she never has to feel lonely again.

There is so much more we can do to reach out a helping hand to so many people in need right now. The lockdown is really bringing people to a point of despair during these difficult and uncertain times in Israel, as well as globally. However, a small country like Israel, the crisis’ impact is felt more immediately and more intensely.

We really need your prayers and support as never before, as this is an ongoing mission, and we must be prepared to be God’s hands of mercy for as long as necessary, to ensure no one is forgotten or left uncared for.

There is no other way to reach people with the message of God’s unconditional love than through acts of mercy and caring for those He cares for. Click to